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ChemMaths won’t win any awards for excellent interface design, but the program does serve a distinct and direct purpose. A bleak gray background supports a white sidebar and blue text details (not intriguing to say the least). Due to the nature of this tool, ChemMaths is best for advanced engineering students or those who are currently working the chemical engineering field.


The ChemMaths interface is uninspiring to say the least. However, if you can look past the gray background and cluttered scrollbar, you will find a handy chemistry tool. If your goal is to calculate difficult chemical equations or to find the properties of more than 2000 different chemical compounds, this tool is for you. A slight warning: you will need to use this program a few times before mastering the learning curve.

Main Function

The main purpose of ChemMaths is (as it sounds) to calculate chemical equations. As such, this tool is quite impressive and equations of any kind can be found by using ChemMaths. While the program itself does operate without problem, it would be nice to see the developers behind ChemMaths pay more attention to the design of the program.

Extra Features

ChemMaths isn’t loaded with additional features, but it does effectively calculate chemical equations.


If you need a calculator that can help you work out tough equations, the $66 price tag isn’t high. If you are looking for a learning tool, however, you’d do better to find a tool with a simpler interface and some help instructions.

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Reviewed by Harriette Halepis
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